The Struwwelpeter Online


I spent some time learning javascript this summer and became obsessed with scrolling things. So I decided to take all the artwork from my Struwwelpeter pop-ups and make them scrollable online. Enjoy.

The Story of Flying Robert
On a rainy day good children stay inside but Robert does not. And you know what happens when you go out in the rain? The wind picks you up and carries you away and no one ever sees you again.
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Augustus Who Would Not Eat His Soup
Augustus refuses to eat his soup and he wastes away and dies.
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Little Suck A Thumb
Conrad keeps sucking his thumbs until the evil tailor comes through the window and chops them off.
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Shockheaded Peter
Peter is a filthy boy with uncombed hair and dirty nails and everyone is disgusted by him.
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Pauline and the Matches
Pauline is told not to play with matches, but, guess what she does as soon as her mother leaves the house.
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Cruel Frederick
Frederick is a violent and mean lad, who beats up on the wrong dog one day, who mauls him in response.
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