Pop-Up Playhouse


The Invisible Woman Series (part 1): Interactive Paper Pop-Up Playhouse
I've always loved dollhouses and paper dolls and the narratives one could construct within that environment. For this exhibition I created a paper pop-up home containing four rooms (kitchen, den, office/foyer, and bedroom) already populated with several personal narratives (i.e. "I used to be fashionable now I wear crocs and hoodies"). Pre-cut paper, markers and scissors stand by the playhouse and viewers are invited to submit their own characters and narrative.

About the Invisible Woman Series
A series of contemporary phenakistoscopes, pop-up books, paper dolls, automata and interactive dioramas.

Motivated by my interest in storytelling and inspired by recent events indicating a potential newfound status, this semi-autobiographical body of paper works explore contemporary roles through the aesthetic and political lens of Victorian mechanical toys and early animation devices. This body of work was created for a group exhibition entitled "Relics of Futures Past" at Greylock Arts.

Interactive Paper Pop-Up Playhouse