Lynn Valley


A collaboration of Anita Perr, Marianne R. Petit, Alex Truesdell and Lynn Valley

In 1981, Lynn Valley checked herself into the hospital for a routine diagnostic exam. In a split-second her life was completely changed. In a bizarre medical accident, she received an unusual spinal cord injury and instantaneously lost the use of her fingers. Since then, Lynn has learned to be completely self-sufficient. With her husband, Frank, who found no adaptation in the home too big or small to tackle, and her niece Alex, a specialist at the Perkins School of the Blind, the three set about to ingeniously adapt the home to meet all of Lynn’s needs.

Lynn’s story is at the heart of the development of the Adaptive Design Organization. This DVD not only shows a day in the life of Lynn Valley, but will serve as a teaching tool of creativity, possibilities, and adaptation.

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Lynn Valley