I've been teaching at ITP since 1998, first as a Visiting Assistant Professor, then as a Master Teacher, and currently as an Associate Arts Professor.

At ITP I currently teach: Communications Lab (a production foundation course that surveys various technologies including digital imaging, video, audio, animation, and basic web development); Methods of Motion (an animation course); Making Pop-Up Books (a basic paper engineering course); and Collective Storytelling (a production course that examines collective and collaborative storytelling environments).

I have previously co-taught courses in our Assistive Technology curriculum including Developing Assistive Tech (with Anita Perr from the Occupational Therapy Program); The Hospitable Room (co-taught with Dan O'Sullivan); and Design for One (co-taught with John Schimmel).

For years I headed an initiative in Technology and Social Justice funded through the Nathan Cummings Foundation. Through this initiative we had an Internship Program, a partnership with numerous community-based and youth-serving organizations across the City. Additionally, we formed an Assistive Technology Lab that included a presentation series and internships with rehabilitation clinics across the City. And finally, we collaborated with Xavier University's Department of Art in the wake of Hurricane Katrina to develop a series of workshops and curriculum around digital storytelling and participatory media through a student exchange program (collaborators Shawn Van Every, Ron Bechet, Patricia Sills).