Digital Books


Handmade Artist Books / Digital Art Books of the 80's

I was cleaning out my studio in 1999 and I discovered some books that I had made many years ago. I found master copies and a few limited edition hand-bound copies. It was so interesting. I had totally forgotten that they existed. I had also forgotten that I had made them. I had even forgotten that I at one point knew how to handbind books. But, it was sort of neat to find them and see how things come around fullcircle, in an odd way. So, I scanned them, put them in flash, and have included them here. I like how primitive they are.

A Good Man
The text consists of excerpts from various Flannery O'Connor short stories. The images I created in 1984 at the School of Visual Arts in New York, on an Apple IIe computer using a Koala pad. I think I compiled it as a book in 1987.

The text is a poem by T.S.Elliot. I made large/lifesize drawings of my friends when I was living in Venice Italy (1987-1989) and photographed them. Then I tore them up and combined them with various collage materials. Elements were further manipulated on an Amiga computer in DeluxePaint. The book is dedicated to one of the people in it, Andrea Mauro, who died in the spring of 1988.

Over the Ocean
There is no text. Basically, the images were created in 1988-89 while I worked at a computer graphics company in Milan Italy. Some were created from scratch, others started with slides and photographs that I scanned. If I remember correctly, I was working on some IBM-compatible machine, using a Targa capture card. I can't remember what paint program, but, it was a TrueVision product. I then output the images to our big thermal printer. For some reason, I cut them in quarters and reassembled them.