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Schlomo and Lulu


Schlomo and Lulu paper sculptures

Ada's Shop

2010 - 2011

An interactive site-specific installation collaboration with Matthew Belanger in the Mid-Manhattan Library windows, exploring the life and work of Ada Lovelace.

Detail of Ada's Shop

Interactive Bird Cages


A series of interactive dioramas set within antique birdcages, as part of the Invisible Woman series.

Invisible Woman Birdcage



An interactive light installation (re)connecting communities through personal artifacts, by Matthew Belanger, Sean Riley and Ven Voisey, with Greylock Arts, MCLA Gallery51, and Turbulence.org as partners. I served as producer.


Commencement of Joy


An animated video diorama set inside antique bird cage, based on the poems of Edna St. Vincent Millay, Wallace Stevens, and E. E. Cummings.

Commencement of Joy Still

Not Your Mother's Dollhouse


A series of interactive Victorian boxes in collaboration with Tom Igoe, created for exhibition at El Museo de Arte Contemporanea in Havana Cuba.

Not Your Mother's Dollhouse

La Passagiata


A room-sized multi-media maze in collaboration with Kiersta Frickey and inspired by Cocteau’s Beauty and the Beast.
La Passagiata