In its most basic definition, breath is the air that is taken in and expelled from our lungs; it is the air that we inhale and exhale. The forms respiration takes varies from species to species and can occur through the lungs, gills, skin, and and stomata. And, while it is an automatic function, it is also one of the few that we can control consciously.

Breath is a series of paper and animated works based on the respiratory system.

Collaborators: Siyu Chen, Zijie Chen, Jiawei Li, Luna Miao, Rong Sang

Anatomical Flap Book

Photo of anatomical flap book

Anatomical Cross Section Paper Cuts

Photo of anatomical cross section paper cuts

Photo of anatomical cross section paper cuts

Anatomical Illustrations: Nasal Cartilage, Nasal Cavity, the Heart

Anatomical Illustrations

The Circulatory System and Respiration: A video projection animated pop-up book.

Pop Up Book Projected Animation

Pop Up Book Projected Animation

Breath Controlled Motorized Paper People in Everyday Activities

Still photographs of motorized automata